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A friend of mine reminded me about this and how I forgot to post it here.

So, I went for a ride two nights ago around Long Island on the new hot rod cafe 78 Single Cam 750. I wasn't paying attention and inadvertenly turned down a street where the nassau county cops had a roadblock setup. The bike had plates on it from my other 750 and a current inspection so I was a little nervous but playing it cool. So I roll up to the cop who is standing in the middle of the street checking registration and inspection stickers. and this is the exchange:

Officer: Where's your front plate buddy?

Me: What?

Officer: Your front plate, where is it?

Me: This is a motorcycle

Officer: So.....

ME: do you see anyplace to mount a front plate?

Officer: Where is the plate?

Me: On the rear.

<officer walks around to rear to read license plate>

Officer: Where are your turn signals?\

Me: on the workbench?

Officer: <annoyed> Why are they not on the bike?

Me: This is a 1978, Pre 1985 bikes don't require signals. Plus the wiring was bad (lie)

Officer: You got papers on this rig?

Me: Yes I do

Officer: Can I see them?

Officer 2: What are you doing

Me: He's checking for my front plate.

Officer 2: Get the hell out of here kid.

Me: Have a nice night.

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LOL I have a 4-1 pipe off of a 650 and a kirker racing muffler on my GS550, needless to say the bike is loud if I am pounding on it. Last time i got pulled over the conversation went something like this

Cop - do you know why I pulled you over?
Me - no
Cop - your exhaust is really loud, I am going to write you a ticket.
Me - for what?
Cop - (I forget the term he used but it was something to the effect of my bike being louder than the acceptable noise limit)
Me- do you have the specs on this bike for exhaust DB and the instrimunt to read the current DB?
Cop- no
Me- I can wait for you to have someone bring one down, but seeing as though this is A factory exhaust you are going to look like an idiot when it passes.
Cop - you are lucky I dont have time for this, get out of here.
Me- ok thanks bye.

Got to love having an older bike

Hey someone pas me the wrench........ Ahh screw it where is the torch

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Always be super nice to the police when dealing with them - They have the ability to make your life a living hell if they really wanted to. My tone throughout the above rxchange was polite and helpful except where he asked about the front plate, then I was just flat out confused. It was a two cop roadblock at a stopsign on a small one lane road in and out of manhasset, basically just looking for stuff like cell phone violations and expired inspections. The first officer looked like I could have babysat for him when I was in highschool, he was a pretty green looking cop, I'd say about 23 years old. The second officer was probably about mid 40s. The young cop would check out te vehicle, if there was a problem he would hand the vehicle off tot he older officer who would administer the violations.

At least I got through ticket free, as opposed to the brooklyn cops who stopped me, and made me walk my bike down the on ramp of the BQE, about my goggles because they were on my forehead and not over my eyes - they were fogging up.
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