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Newbie First Build

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Hi guys! My name is Bang and I'm very new to the motorcycle community. I had a bike but my dad wrecked it so now I'm thinking of building one! I have very little experience with bikes and looking for help. So I guess my first question is should I start with a frame up or buy a used bike and take it apart?
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That's true, but I guess I'm being optimistic and willing to put time and effort into my first build and the point of this post was that I wanted to build a bike. I guess my first choice when building is the honda cb model. Here's a frame that I saw while searching 1972 honda cb750 frame but I still haven't hit up the local motorcycle salvage. any thoughts?
Thanks for the advise! No need to be aggressive. Just looking for tips on how to get started. But since it does seem you have so much experience I will contact you if I have any questions! :D
Thanks for the tips, So far what I can find in the area is this 1975 Honda CB 550 F SuperSport-20k miles-MetaFlake Orange-CAFE project It seems in fairly good shape and I'm sure me and my friends can get it running.
And thankyou for that! I really appreciate it! I guess my next question to ask is how much should I pay for that bike?
Thanks guys! This was a lot of help. I'm still looking and hoping one that runs pops up soon.
The owner of the CB550 sold it for 200 to someone else. Here's a classic Yamaha radian OBO that seems fairly nice and runs!
1 - 8 of 17 Posts
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