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Newbie First Build

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Hi guys! My name is Bang and I'm very new to the motorcycle community. I had a bike but my dad wrecked it so now I'm thinking of building one! I have very little experience with bikes and looking for help. So I guess my first question is should I start with a frame up or buy a used bike and take it apart?
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You will still sink $$$ into that bike because of all the corrosion. EG: he says at has a "good chain" but all I can see is a rusted up crap one.

I don't know - maybe it's worth $600 if you are willing to spend another $1500 on it to get it running / riding properly (assuming you don't have to disassemble the engine).

So, probably start looking for something around the $2-$2.5K mark as a ride away would be a better option.
Or even better is the XJ550. They are probably a bit pricier than the GS's, but they were a far more revvy motor and a sweet bike to ride.

OK - this one's been tastefully tweaked (and I don't really like the fairing) but how could you not dig this?

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1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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