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Any Massachusetts area riders may want to check out this link. Officer David Foley of the Newburyport PD was recently setting up 'roadblocks' and stopping almost all motorcycles passing, detaining riders for extended periods of time, writing citations for 'loud pipes' (basically anything with less than OEM baffling), photographing the offending bikes and telling them to not return to Newburyport or they'd have your bike towed. How should we deal with this kind of discrimation? Boycotting Newburyport would be giving in.

I would suggest that all New England riders make Newburyport a DESTINATION. Make the place swarm with bikes all summer. Show the city of Newburyport that motorcyclists are good for business. Make it your regular coffee stop on the way to Hampton Beach. How about making the Dunkin Donuts at the rotary on Rt 1 the unofficial starting point for all Mass riders heading to Laconia this summer? Just don't give them any reason to pull you over!
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