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NHIS Endurance Race- May 19

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At the request of my mom, I am posting this:

In order to schedule the endurance race, we need to know in advance how many teams will participate. The deadline for registration for the endurance race is May 12. Once you have registered, please send me an email with your team name including the bike you plan to race.

We are very excited to re-establish an endurance racing series in the USCRA once again. Dig out a machine and enjoy working with a team in a non sprint race competition.

Cathy Smith
[email protected]
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2006 USCRA Endurance Racing Rules

• ONLY pre-registered riders may compete on machines they have registered
for. No
borrowing riders. No substituting riders.
• All registered riders do not have to compete.
• No limit to amount of riders a team may register
• Rider may compete for no more than forty minutes.
• After a forty-minute stint a rider must be off bike for a minimum of 10
• Red flag time does not count towards two-hour limit
• Red flag for more than 30 minutes resets the rider’s forty-minute limit
• Any rider involved in crash must seek medical clearance prior to
re-entering course if
directed by race staff
• All riders must be qualified to race. Meaning they must be properly
licensed and be
a USCRA and AMA.

Quick Change Wheel Hardware:


Pit Lane:

• Right of Way in pit lane goes to the entering rider. Riders exiting must
give way.
• Each pit must be identified by a sign displaying bike number
• Absolutely no smoking in pit lane or within 15 feet of inside pit lane
wall. Measured off
either side.
• All crew operating in hot pits must be wearing full trousers (no shorts),
shoes (no
sandals), shirts (no cut off shirts or tank tops) AND PROTECTIVE HEAD GEAR.

• ANY and ALL crew/riders working in hot pit lane must have signed the waiver
and be
wearing proper issued wristband.
• No non-registered crew permitted in hot pit lane during race. This
includes red flag
• No vehicles of any kind in pit lane during race. (Including pit bikes)
• All machines operating in pit lane must use ONLY 1st gear
• Only minor repairs in pit lane. Any/All major repairs must be
moved to cold pits.
• Teams must notify pit marshal when moving bike behind pit wall
• No bikes may enter course once checkered flag is displayed.
• Power starter rollers in pit area are permitted


• All machines must be able to pass tech inspection at any time during the
• No bike substitutes after start of race
• Bike involved in crash must be re-teched prior to re-entering the track
• All machines must qualify for eligible sprint class to be considered for
endurance race

Pit Stops:

• Each machine must stop within a marked stop box at the entrance to pit
lane. The
Rider must come to a complete stop and place both feet on the ground.
may proceed only when directed by pit marshal.
• Each team must supply a working fire extinguisher of minimum capacity
of 5lbs.,
Which must be manned and pointed at machine during ALL stops.
• All fuel cans must be hand held (No towers or pressurized systems)
• All dump cans must be equipped with non-sparking fittings (aluminum,
plastic etc)
• Tank changes not permitted for fueling
• No more than one fuel can on hot side of pit wall at once
• Machines must be turned off during fueling
• Bikes must stop completely within the assigned pit area
• Rider must dismount prior to fueling
• Each team must have at least one crewmember to assist in fueling and rider
changes. An
extra rider may also act as crew.
• Teams wishing to share pit areas must be pre-approved prior to race
• During a two-hour race there must be at least three pit stops
• During Red flag pits are closed.
• You may line up at pit in, or start line and wait for restart
• All work in pits must stop during red flag. You may gather tools, parts
etc. But you
must not touch the machine until a restart.
• Fire extinguisher must be manned and pointed at machine during all pit
stops even if
not fueling
• Riders in pits must start from pit lane at restart. You will be released
after start flag.
• Any repairs being made to a machine either on hot pit lane or behind pit
wall must be
completed by registered team members ONLY. Non-team members may assist in a
non-direct way (fetching tools, instructing etc) but must not touch the
machine directly.


• All teams must have a name
• Each team must name a team captain. This person will be responsible for
assuring all
team requirements and rules are met. This is the person that the referees,
pit marshals,
and race directors will talk to regarding infractions.
• All teams including all riders and crew must attend mandatory endurance
meeting before start of race
• All teams must provide a scorekeeper. who must report to timing area no
later than
ten minutes before start of race and remain there for entire race. If the
team wishes to
forego the scorekeeper when using transponders; they do so at their own
Should the transponder system fail there will be no back up for laps lost.
• Grid positions will be determined by pre-entry. However, they may be
altered by
bike classification, being the larger capacity big bore bikes will start in
front of smaller


• Pit stop time infractions will result in a 5-lap penalty. This will be
done at the end of
the race event after reviewing transponder times and control sheets.
• Jump-start penalty will be a stop and go.
• On track infractions will be assessed penalties according to their
severity. This could
include laps, stop and go, up to and including disqualification.
• Race director will apply all penalties.
• Any team using a non-registered rider will lose all laps completed by that

rider and risk complete disqualification form the event and future events.
Any team allowing a non-registered crew member to work on a machine during
race, will be assessed a 10 lap penalty



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copied and pasted from the uscra forum

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