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NHIS question

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I am sure this question has been asked to death, I have only been a USCRA member two years and am fairly new to this site so I appologize in advance, But what do we pay NHIS for a single day event? What does LRRS pay for a weekend? How about Penquin or Hawk, or even track-day buyers like Max BMW? I guess I have been wondering about this ever since I went to AMP in Shubie, NS last year and was surprised to find that the track is basically club owned.
In light of our percarious position at NHIS and the fact that it seems we get the leftovers (and I realize if it were not for guys like Bob we might not even get that!)and the rumor that we may be cut to only three dates next year. I have also been wondering if a co-op or club owned facility has ever been considered here?
I have wondered this question so much that I have been doing some research on what it would take to build a similar (AMP) facility in say, west central NH somewhere off I89.
I am currently working with a developer/ GC on a fairly large project at our family business and since the CEO is a vintage car guy, he is more than willing to talk to me about it.
I am very familar with what is going on in Tamworth. I have a friend who worked there. I believe most of the problems they are running into are because they chose Tamworth!
There are places in Sullivan and Grafton Counties that still don't have zoning and land prices for large tracts are at or even below $1000 an acre. The developer believes a facility like AMP could possibly be built for around or even under $1m.
So, what do you think? Form a committee from members from all interested parties (USCRA, LRRS, SCCA, the vintage car people, go-carts, etc.), elect a board of directors, create by-laws, sell modestly priced shares, find a willing bank and go for it?
Why not?

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I don't think you'll find one person here who would argue against having another race. Pocono is probably closer for a decent number of people, the whole USCRA doesn't live in NH/ ME. Add to that racers from other groups and you have a decent turnout.

JB- Just out of curiousity: what are membership #'s doing?

Rosko, membership hovers around the 300 mark most of the time.
I'd guess recently we are probably 300+.
Out of the 300 memberships I bet only about 100 or so of those routinely show up at a road race and participate. I'm pretty new in this club but I do my best to rope other members and encourage giving racing a try. It seems like a tough sell.
Personally, rather than toy with building a new track why not jump on board with one being built? I wonder how effective we could be as a club start getting behind the Club Motorsports? Has anyone contacted them. Since this is just about in my backyard. I should drop them a line and see what we can do collectively to help the progression and squash some of the negativity by the local fuckin crunchy give the woods back to Bambi types. FOCUS Tamworth a relativly small local membership has caused many headaches for CMI. Most of it involves a very small portion of wetlands and noise issues indicating that the sky will start falling. Surprisingly there are many townspeople who openly support the notion of a road course/driving facility.
I plan on traveling beyond NHIS the next few years so Pocano might be doable. 3 races a year is not enough.

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don't forget to try summit, vir, nelson, and beaverun.

wera turnouts are good at summit and vir.

wera beaverun and nelson are thin grids.


Definately easier to form a good relationship with another track than to build one yourself.
NHIS is literally the busiest motorcycle race track in the country, LRRS is the largest club racing organization in the country, it's not surprising it's hard to get dates there. And strangely's probably the worst actual track layout of any track in the NE. Every other track I've been to is much more a "real" road race course. But the facilities at NHIS are top notch...that's what keeps a whole lot of the locals going.
So join CRAP (Craig's Racing and Partying) club :)
Out of the 300 memberships I bet only about 100 or so of those routinely show up at a road race and participate.

Yea, I mean think about the riders meetings. I can't think of a riders meeting in the last couple of years with more than 50 or 60 people there.

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