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i went to the truck race at dover in june. dovers about the same legth as nhis but with banking. we saw some cup qualifying. then the truck race. it was sort of fun to watch but overall it was pretty boring. too many ********, all of those people wearing the headphone things, and way too much shit to buy. i mean way too much. one weird thing was all of the people yelling at the cars as they went around. reminded me of going to the movies. and it was so damned loud. you cant talk to someone next to you. which i remembered from going there back in '86. on the good side, it was 36 bucks for 2 days of entry. and it was general admission. so its a great deal if youre a fan. we went with an english kid who goes to alot of english club races and f1 races. the first thing he said when we went in was "wow, you can see the entire track". and they wouldnt let us within about 6' of the fence.

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