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the only races i have definitely inked are the nhis/gstock events, and the ahrma race in pa. (big fucking deal, a whole 4 races)

right now, dont know what i'll have money for and what i wont, but i'll definitely make those. i really want to do summit, but with out insurance, i know i'll end up in the hospital. (they have a medivac pad right there you know. eric kalamaja took a ride in it once) they are also building another track there. so that will make 3. i found out that the track days are run on the other track than the race track. they have 2 pretty good sized tracks there.i'll probably try and get out and do a track day or 2. just to keep the speed but not take any big risks. if i dont stop myself from going over the brink, it seems i run and jump off of it!! so if i go to summit, with out insurance, i'll be in some big pack accident going into that stupid t8 area with the blind cresting off camber left. i can feel it already.

why do you ask?? im going to jay in a week and a half dude. come up and party with us for a night. you can hang with me dylan and maybe even courts!!

truth is id love to do more racing. i undercharged marshall for his kitchen big time to try and help him out. ive been working on his job for almost 2.5 months. its finally done though. i only made about 3500 on it all of which went into bills and paying for my existance. (oh yeah, and a hvlp spray system and a new 130 dollar saw blade) most of it was bills though since i had been so behind. trying to start with a clean slate this spring and finally might be able to do it!!! anyway, if you can think of a way to get me some insurance, my racing options might open up a bit. right now though, i dont think theres going to be much in the way of hauling around early in the season. nhis is enough of a wallet killer for me. its 100 bucks in gas alone just to get there. that and my truck needs tires, brakes and the passenger side ball joints done this spring. (unless i want to do them on the side of the road in jersey) ug.

motocycles are so much better.

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