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No spark on my 75 CB550F

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Howdy...hope someone can help me out.

I don't have spark on my CB550F. I bit of history on the bike; I just got it last weekend from this guy who said that he was changing the handle bars and once he finished he couldn't get it started. A buddy on mine just came over this morning to look at it...checked the usual suspects; points (good), battery (new), plugs (good condition). Electronics was his kryptonite so he couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting any spark.

I lights and horn work so I don't think its the battery. I just checked the birds nest of wires behind the headlight and everything seems to be in order, I did find a brown female connector without a partner but according to my Clymer brown is for the taillight and that works just fine.

I was trying to find a thread for this on the forum but nothing was working...can anyone offer help? Thanks.
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75 meaqns that the wires run inside the handlebars. I had a problem like that on my cb750 last year where the kill switch wires had frayed inside the handlebars and were shorting out. Unfortunatly the only way to check this is to pull the bar switch and visually inspect the entire length of wire so I suggest it as a last resort. Check the coils for cracks and check the coil grounds before you go ripping your handlebars apart.
also check the plug wires, make sure the boots are tight and the electodes are making connection. plug wires are probably the most often overlooked item on an old honda.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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