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No spark on my 75 CB550F

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Howdy...hope someone can help me out.

I don't have spark on my CB550F. I bit of history on the bike; I just got it last weekend from this guy who said that he was changing the handle bars and once he finished he couldn't get it started. A buddy on mine just came over this morning to look at it...checked the usual suspects; points (good), battery (new), plugs (good condition). Electronics was his kryptonite so he couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting any spark.

I lights and horn work so I don't think its the battery. I just checked the birds nest of wires behind the headlight and everything seems to be in order, I did find a brown female connector without a partner but according to my Clymer brown is for the taillight and that works just fine.

I was trying to find a thread for this on the forum but nothing was working...can anyone offer help? Thanks.
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which year is it?? the 77 and 78 models have a piece of crap for an ignition switch. it can be really finicky. which year is it?? you can jump the poles if its a 77 or 8 and that would tell you if its the switch. while he was yanking it around, he obviously loosened something. check your fuses too. under left side cover in a little box maybe.

i personally think youre searching the wrong places pulling things apart. check the easy stuff first. the keyed switch if its a 77 or 78 is really easy to remove and its retarded how its put together. i wouldnt be pulling apart the tricky stuff because you could compound the problem. search the easy stuff first.

and get a voltmeter. or at least a continuity tester.

duh, its a 75.

cool, yeah, what he said!

since were on electrics, my buddys got a 75cb550. first year for the headlight on all the time. he uses the elec start alot. he rides to and from work, maybe about 20min ride. sometimes on the highway, sometimes not. hes got a new battery and it seems to be charging fine. but the battery will die after about 3 days or so of average riding. is it because of him using the electric start all of the time?? i mean, did the 75 model year really suck like that?? it seems like with that being such a problem with the brit stuff, the hondas, 10 years later wouldnt have that problem. hes tested the output of everything and got 13v on stuff. is this something other people have experianced??? are those bikes that dumb?

yeah, i dont buy it either totally. just seems wrong. like the bike would have a big reputation for that. and not that i know everything about it, but ive never heard that before about that bike. i mean, why doesnt mine do that??? if it charges at the same rate, the battery is the same, and the lights go on, and the starter requires the same amount of current, whats going to make his die and mine not? wheres the difference?? just seems way too short sighted for honda.

and i use my electric starter about 99% of the time now. cuz im lazy.

and i want him to put a volt meter on it while its cranking to see the drop. how much voltage will that thing suck out of it while its cranking. id like to check mine too. just out of curiosity.


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yeah, he knows that. he knows it puts out power at about 2200 from the diagnostics hes done. just seems like a buzz down the highway for 15 mins should be enough to get it back up again. it seems stupid that youd have to put in a switch to shut the light off. like i said, short sighted for honda, so it makes me doubt. i mean, is this a problem thats been there since they rolled off the floor??? and people actually bought this? i just cant believe that. especailly in 1975. and people complain about british electrics. my lucas stuff is the bomb.hell, the bonnevlle always started easier than the honda did in the spring. plus, if you fast idle it thats about where it sits anyway. about 2300. well, choke it. plus, i dont have those problems with mine, even if im just buzzing around the neighborhood. it just doesnt explain it.

i only ride my own bike like its someone elses!

thats the most rediculous thing i have ever heard. makes me want to only ride my triumph. ill pass it along. lame.

awesome! way to go.

woohoo, our work here is done, now we can get back to serious things, like picking on aaron.

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