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got my cb550 recently, non-running condition. cleaned carbs, unsiezed the clutch and other odds and ends. test drive it. take my hands off the bars and lean back and the front end shimmies like mad. what causes front end shimmy? does it indicat a bent fork or what?

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sorry for the short reply...welcome:

toasted steering head bearings/slop in the head
untrue wheel
no/uneven fork oil
rubbing brakes
loose axel pinch bolts
loose axel

most likely tires or a loose head, others here will add tons more.


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dont take you hands off the front end ok evil kenevil...
could be your tire or tube or something in side the wheel.the wheel could be bent warped or looose spokes.
Maybe the forks are uneven bolted in to the trees or out of oil,or unevenly bolted to the wheel.
Is there any play in the head itself like bad bearings.
or a little or all the above.

Im so far behind ,that I think Im in first.

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