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Noobie bashing.

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Go ahead,, get it over with.
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post a picture of your new puppy and we'll trash it if you want.
but if it's all about you, you can't even write...
should be "they're back in style"
hey fuzz
i'm the only one who voted out the war mongering,darwin denying, fox news loving, right-headed, red-tied lawmakers who insisted things are getting better in iraq. (it's only a dillusion that there's more americans and iraqies dying at the same time that more "terrorists" are being created with each subsequent "surge" of entanglement in the quagmire). oh, and my shit is clean on both can take a taste any where on it's liberal length. enjoy
i'm done trashing for a while. i want a new puppy.
p.s. mojo...welcome

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let's just trash bad weather.
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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