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Norton tank on a CB750?

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I'm building a cafe inspired street bike out of an old Honda CB750. Got most of it sorted out but still playing with the tank.

I've got a lead on an a bunch of old alloy norton tanks needing some repair, including a 3 gallon manx style tank, a manx lyta short track tank, and a 4 1/2 gallon classic norton tank. I've only seen pictures, and have no dimension references.

Anyone willing to wager a guess which would fit best over a CB750 frame? Anyone have rough dimensions, or a page where I can check them out? Anyone ever done something similar?

Thanks in advance,

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Are you talking about a stock 750 tank that you’ve got on hand? I’ve got the factory 750 tank that came with the bike and considered doing the same knee cutout sort of mods. I’ve never had any luck polishing up a steel tank to look anything like aluminum, so I’m anxious to make the alloy tank work.

Ever polish up a steel tank to look good? Maybe I’ll hack it up a bit then take it to the chrome shop. Cant quite figure if it is worth the effort or will look tacky.

Not sure if you got my email. I'll gladly pick up shipping on this tank, looks like it might work out perfectly. Also noticed your ad for the cb750F, I'm not interested in the bike, but need a master cylinder and front caliper desperatly for my 78 CB750K. Happen to have one in your spare parts bin? More than willing to pay fair money for one.

I'm actually going to be down in NY this weekend visiting mom. Might be able to drop in personally if that is OK. If not, no big deal on picking up shipping costs.


1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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