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Not motorcycle related, but...

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As a 5yr old boy, you know exactly why God invented snow:

... And if you're lucky enough to have a father posessed by a certain affliction, he'll consider 3 hrs in the basement POLISHING sled runners on a Sunday morning to be time well spent.
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damn...that looks like great fun. my dad had the big one. like a 6' er. i remember steering it down the hill down from our house. (we used the street!!) my younger brother was lying on my back. my dad was always into, "lets see if he can do dead mans run". i was about 7 or so. my brother 5 or 6. i didnt know how to steer the thing. we got about halfway down the hill. i drove it right under the rearend of a parked car. i was fine, thanks to my brother taking the impact!

another friend has sever neurological damage from hitting a tree head first on one. she cant do amusement park rides or anything. from 20 years ago.

those were great toys! funny how all this liability and need to sue hasnt spoiled the fact that you can get on an icy slope and try to kill yourself with a bar of soap or some furniture wax and pvc plastic or an oldschool sled.

very cool

im jealous. i want one.

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