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Not so nice

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Chuck is upset at me for calling him retarded. I told that I am much meaner to you on a regular basis and you don't cry about it. I also feel bad cause your clever and witty enough for your own defense, that poor bastard. I still make comments about you dropping your own bike 5 years ago, and he thinks I'm going to let up 2 weekends after he drops mine. I figure if you do the math its 15 years of torture. I gave you 5 years... so times that by 2 because it was my bike, and then ad 5 more for crying about it.

Like Jo jo the circus clown.
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I'm sure you meant it in the best way possible. clever and witty....aww shucks.

chuck, we all do dumb shit once in a while, it doesn't mean you're really retarded just because someone says it. I don't think you have to go get checked or anything. its just worse when you do it to someone else's stuff. and worse when its aaron's stuff cause he's not so nice and he calls you names. he's really a loving and caring individual. but you get used to that after 10 years or so. someday he'll do something dumb with your shit....or just push in your stool for you.

like fat guy in a little coat

ps. its idiot circus boy
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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