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I put a Triumph Trident oil cooler on my 500 Bobber as I had to use a Triumph Cub oil tank because of the rigid rear section; mounted it next to the front frame downtube. I'll take some pics of it next week and post them.

It's a long way from being done, but it's coming along nicely. Last night I solved the tail light/license plate issue as I wanted the rear fender clean, so wanted to do the along-side the rear wheel thing. Came up with what I believe is a first. I used a Triumph connecting rod; made up a frame lug for the big end using a piece of tailpipe that goes over the exhaust spigot and then necks down. I radiused out the frame end, then brazed a trans' gear inside the end that the rod clamps on, looks cool. Welded that on the frame, then clamped the big end on the lug with the rod matching the kick that I made the side pipes at. I then stuck the "grudgeon" pin in the small end and cut the skirt off a piston and slid that on the protruding end of the wrist pin. That will hold my tail light on the backend, and my sideways license plate mount on the backside of the piston. Something different.

I'm going to set up a search on ebay for car hood ornaments in hope of finding something I can attach to the lower triple tree to mount my headlight on. This thing is fun to work on because there are few rules for this style bike.

1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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