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Woke up saturday morning to a "balmy" 50 degrees. MUST not let this day waste away!

After a hit from the coffee bong, I pull the cb550 out into the driveway for a pre-flight check.

Ok .. no worries here, everything looks in good working order.

2 kicks later and the 550 jumps to life. Not bad for a 27 year old motor. After letting it warm up a bit.. .I head south to the closest open country to me.

Everything around me is made up of shades of brown/yellow/red. Fall is still in full effect here in Michigan. Zipping along several miles over the limit finds me flowing thru some gentle curves. Oh.. nothing like what you guys have out east...but still enough to feel good about breaking the speed limit. ;)

The 550 just hums along. Sounding like a sewing machine in the front while howling like a race bike out the back. I love this scoot.

Heading west on US-12 finds me getting near the Irish Hills area. The roads here are some of the best we have. A quick stop for a beer at a local dive and I'm back on the road heading back east. Sharon Hollow, Pleasent Lake Rd, its all good.

Nothing major happened while out. Just one VERY relaxing rip on my roads.
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