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Of wheels and spokes on a CB450

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n00b questions - be gentle!

I'm in the midst of working on my franken-450 (73 CB450 with a 500T motor). I have the official manual which states 18" wheels, front and back, but I'm pretty sure the front on mine is a 19" - the tire up front has a label of MJ90H19 - right?

I'm wondering about all of this because I'd like to put new spokes on - the old ones are pitted and nasty. Can I buy just any 19" spokes and lace them on? As to the rims, they're really green, rusty and nasty. Can I replace them with any rim of appropriate width and spoke count?

Since I'm trying to save cash, maybe I should just try to polish and paint the spokes and wheels instead... I'd really like new and chrome, but damn, new rims and wheels are expensive...
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Yeah, the CL450 had 19's up front. Early CB's (read: Black Bombers) didn't. The 18" fronts will be pricey -- racers and restorers both covet them.

I dealt with Buchanan's earlier this year. You're looking at about 90-100 bucks for a set of chrome spokes. But they're nice. I'd also recommend going to a bike dealer and looking at the spoke fitment guide in the catalogue. Buchanan's may have some fairly technical questions concerning measurements. Then again, if you're just looking for stock replacements, they may have the measurements already...

Honda go sideways!

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