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OIL SUMP 1975400F

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I got some cracking near the drain plug on my oil sump (or pan, what ever you want to call it.) I had some retard do a shitty weld job and he filled the whole thing. Now I can't change my oil at all. Sweet! What I would like to do is replace the whole pan (or sump) but I can't find one. Any one have one kicking around? It would probably take one from a 350 too....


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The weld job this guy did sucks. He bitched about it not being 100% aluminum and said it was some cheap alloy. As a result it looks dumb and it still has a slow drip through his welding. Since I would still have to take the pan off to get it welded again and then tapped, I'm thinking maybe I could just find a replacement pan rather than keep paying people to fuck up my bike. Should I be pissed at the Japanese or this local dipshit of a welder?
No, the plug is not in. He just filled the hole with aluminum. It looks my bike has an outie belly button now. I'd kind of like to replace the pan if possible. But I'm open ot what ever you guys think would be best.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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