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OIL SUMP 1975400F

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I got some cracking near the drain plug on my oil sump (or pan, what ever you want to call it.) I had some retard do a shitty weld job and he filled the whole thing. Now I can't change my oil at all. Sweet! What I would like to do is replace the whole pan (or sump) but I can't find one. Any one have one kicking around? It would probably take one from a 350 too....


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hey, careful on that drain plug. you'll crack the pan. haha, couldn't resist. I've done it myself. I have a 400 pan but it's in rough shape. I'll bead blast it and see how it looks for ya.
donald, you're a sick bastard

eric, I just re-read your post. if it's completely welded shut you should have someone retap the hole. simple for someone with the right tools.
it's probably true that it is some alloy but that doesn't mean it can't be welded. he's probably never changed settings much on his welder and just has one setting for aluminum or he didn't clean it well or who knows. did he weld the plug in? aaron could surely fix it. I'll still take a look at that pan if you want.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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