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OIL SUMP 1975400F

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I got some cracking near the drain plug on my oil sump (or pan, what ever you want to call it.) I had some retard do a shitty weld job and he filled the whole thing. Now I can't change my oil at all. Sweet! What I would like to do is replace the whole pan (or sump) but I can't find one. Any one have one kicking around? It would probably take one from a 350 too....


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CB oil pans are all die cast. Die cast aluminum has silicon added to reduce the tendency to crack. But, silicon makes it harder to weld. If your welder had ever welded a die casting before, he'd know that and should have been able to compensate.

On the other hand, being a very old die casting, Honda may have used more silicon than is usual today. So, even a very experienced welder might have had trouble with it.
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