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ok kinda random lol

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lol alright this is kind of off of the wall, but does any body know where i could find an amc gremlin at? lol kind of looking for a 72 or 73 but i guess i am not to overly picky on the year, and perferably around the minnesota, north dakota, south dakota, wisconsin area?

the lil guy
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had a buddy with a 383 chrysler powered gremmie AMX (and yes it was a swap, the original motor was a 304 amc). That thing hauled, we used to call it the sucker punch because 5.0 mustangs never knew what hit them.

we should have called her the slut, because she was ugly, smelled funny and all our friends got at least one free ride.

ahhhhh the halcyon days of the early 1990s.......

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little hard on the gremmie and the K car ain'tcha bull? I remember when old timers used to say the same thing about Chevy II's, Novas, Falcons, and Valiants. Ever check the prices on any of those cars lately?

The K-car is the dodge dart of the 90's generation. There were soooooo many of them and you could have had a convertable one for super cheap (I bought a faux-wood paneled town and country convertable for $450 once in pristine condition). There is someone out there with a turbo reliant 2 door that rapes anything it comes across and it does it with the 4 cylinder turbo motor that powered the minivans in the 80's:
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