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ok kinda random lol

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lol alright this is kind of off of the wall, but does any body know where i could find an amc gremlin at? lol kind of looking for a 72 or 73 but i guess i am not to overly picky on the year, and perferably around the minnesota, north dakota, south dakota, wisconsin area?

the lil guy
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NO! No way NO HOW...would I ever help some one find one.A gremlin is a good name because it belongs in the ground, not on it.You should get a pacer,or a valiant,maybe an allante or K car as well so they wouldnt get stolen or looked at or even recognized as transportation.
How anyone can be atracted to the purposeful sharp well defined lines of a cafe styled bike.....and be looking for a slip of the pen,marketing guys souless design of that era among a few others.

I dont car if you envision it as a wet sub,a dragster shell or a chicken coup in your yard, or even to saw it in half, as a school play prop!It needs to rest and not be seen in public ever EVER again.
E V E R !

That aside ....No, I dont know of one .....

Im so far behind ,that I think Im in first.
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wrong gremlins are and never were cool now or then.Now an AMX was so ugly it was cool and as understated as one could get back then try to find on now .Matter of Fact the amx should not even be.mentioned as being in this class. with the gremlin,but a gremlin is on the list of disposable cars with k cars even the convertables,maybe especially the convertables.Pintos (early ones were cool )valiants all those school teacher cars need to go away .Dick head gym teachers had gremlins little old ladys had gremlins a few v8 hot rod gremlins dont make them cool.You can stuff a v8 into anything even that saab.
Now vegas and pintos come into cheap ass hot rod based cars but even then the AMX is so much cooler.studebaker hawks and thier sibling models were so ugly they were and still are cool same era cars and american.

Im so far behind ,that I think Im in first.
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ok as a life time student of design,There are good designs and bad ones and ones that are simply wrong as they had the true designers tied up in the closet as the marketing guys and purse holders designed some crappy cars in those days and a gremlin is just one the K car is another,the convertable ones are worse...poor misguided people thinking they had a real classic.
Its a choice, I choose not to find the gremlin the least bit interesting with or without a V8.
The rest of you that like them,good well that is your choice.But please take all those other cars of that ilk with them as
Im happy not thinking about or seeing them again.
and no I still dont know anyone that has one.......
Geeto I see a Matadour in your future ..the smell of "Rich Corinthian Leather " is in the maybe its a Cordoba

Im so far behind ,that I think Im in first.
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a gremlin ......please there just isnt enough boob scotch...there really isnt......Damn the Mayan calander is running out, in what four years ......Ill save my boob scotch for that and move off this thread.
But if I find one .....Ill let you know......someone taze me bro!

Im so far behind ,that I think Im in first.
amx javelin should be in the same market as barracudas,mustangs.chargers,scamps,camaros and the ilk.
Gremlins should be tazed...bro.

Im so far behind ,that I think Im in first.

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in the' so ugly they are cool department'.Bugeye/frog eye sprites,any renault alpine,buick riviera's,alot of 60's fiat any abarth,chargers(although they are BIG),original mini's,checker taxicabs,60s fastback mustangs,aluminum body short wheel base bread trucks,volkswagon 50s and 60s single cab trucks.cb hondas with the black and chrome side tanks,early suzuki hornets ,saab sonetts and early saab wagons and passenger cars,Datsun 510,daimler 250 ,lancia stratos,that chick from dirty dancing before she fixed her nose,bi-planes,early alfa sports cars, and gt's,geodesic homes,eon flux well anything but a gremlin!

Im so far behind ,that I think Im in first.
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