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ok kinda random lol

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lol alright this is kind of off of the wall, but does any body know where i could find an amc gremlin at? lol kind of looking for a 72 or 73 but i guess i am not to overly picky on the year, and perferably around the minnesota, north dakota, south dakota, wisconsin area?

the lil guy
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My best friend's dad worked for AMC, and was an incurable hot-rodder. He had put a 402 (I think, it was more than 25yrs ago) into a Gremlin, and I'm pretty sure he used to take it to the dragstrip. I think I recall 8 sec 1/8 mile. It looked pretty damn cool with aluminun slots on it. He sold it and built a Levi's cj7 Renegade for drag racing, with a 360 3spd and no front drive shaft. They were both street cars and I only got a ride in the Jeep a couple times. It was scary fast. There were a couple kids when I was in HS with gremlins sporting mag wheels. I always liked them in an "I'm so ugly I'm too cool for you" sort of way.
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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