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who reads the following

Motorcyclist post

Road Racing World

Cycle News

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I'm from Maine so I don't read much, but I look at the pictures in all them there magazines.

I get all three. I love Road Racings mag, The post needs some work it is lacking in content, there is more than harley events in the north east. And cycle news is real good.

Chuck #444
rrw is pretty good. i read it cover to cover. the wera coverage is always good. ccs and lrrs too. i hate chris ulrich's articles though. he did one on riding his bike from the car tire shop or something and getting lost on his bicycle. riding up and down hills. who cares. hes as good a writer as he is a racer. the gp kid articles have been great this season though.

I have to say I agree with Chuck. Harley stuff sells, I guess, but there isn't a lot of content in the post that I'm interested in. I particulay read it only for Doug B's articles.

oops, I thought this thread was about something entirely different
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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