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So, my left cylinder (CB500T) keeps fouling plugs and seems to be running too rich, or the ignition is a little off I don't know (then again that's why I'm posting this...hoping you guys will have a better guess). The bike seems to run fine with new plugs, but after a short while the left side fouls the plug and begins to make a popping sound at idle and cuts out at any RPM past 3500 (well, it cuts in and out, sputters I guess is a better way of describing it). I bought the bike used and I don't think the guy who I bought it off of ever took the carbs apart, so that's my first inclination it's the carb(s). Secondly, when I try to adjust the pilot screw to make the bike run leaner, it seems to have no effect on the idle speed at all (I can only turn it 1.5 turns before it bottoms out). Lastly, the guy I bought it off of said he put new points & condensers on it, so I doubt that's it (but then again maybe that is it). So, since I have little experience in dealing with carbs I figured I'd get your guy's input before I shelled out the $60 for the Keyster carb kits.
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