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one more exhaust question

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a buddy of mine is trying to figure out how to quiet down his cb450. he has tt pipes that are wide open and so loud i can hear him a quarter mile from my house. he bought a set of small metal baffles that you set in with a screw but he claimed it made little to no difference. what are his options other than mufflers?

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it seems to me that you will not get any kind of noise dampening effect without glass packing of some sort. You could try a set of cheapie cherry bomb car mufflers which are basically straight through with glass packed around them. should mellow the bike some. The other option I can think of is a supertrap like setup. You can probably beg branson (oh and paying him helps too) to roll you a set of straight through megs with the supertrap ends. I don't think either will have an effect on your backpressure.

That being said unless you have some work done or at least a good carb rejetting I have yet to see a honda that ran better with straight pipes than factory mufflers.

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