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one more exhaust question

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a buddy of mine is trying to figure out how to quiet down his cb450. he has tt pipes that are wide open and so loud i can hear him a quarter mile from my house. he bought a set of small metal baffles that you set in with a screw but he claimed it made little to no difference. what are his options other than mufflers?

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You have a couple of good options there in town. Check with Motorcycle Performance on University Ave or there is a shop on 51 just north of the beltline on the east side of the road( I forget the name) that can probably help you out with fabrication and ideas.
Routing the pipes from where the TTs end out the side to some mufflers shouldn't be too tough. You will really enjoy the roads out west of town towards Black Earth and Dodgeville. I graduated from UW in 81 and my sister still lives in Stoughton. It is great motorcycling territory. You need to take in the races at Road America and Blackhawk Farms. If you are not new to the state only Madison, then you probably already know all this.


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