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one more exhaust question

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a buddy of mine is trying to figure out how to quiet down his cb450. he has tt pipes that are wide open and so loud i can hear him a quarter mile from my house. he bought a set of small metal baffles that you set in with a screw but he claimed it made little to no difference. what are his options other than mufflers?

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I'll expound a bit - I'm the friend in question.

I'm well familiar with the backpressure issue (although more theoretically than in practice - in fact my bike runs like the dickens with wide open pipes), but it's not the problem I'm trying to solve. This thing is loud - not loud like midlife crisis loud - loud like Germans invading Poland loud. Trouble is, I've moved to a lovely town full of hippies, yoga classes, farmer's markets... I wouldn't make it half a mile before I was beaten with daisies and hung by hemp rope from the nearest tree.

So here are my thoughts: 8" universal baffles would fit in the end of these pipes - I could wrap with glass and hope for the best, but how much of an effect can I expect this to have? Alternatively, I'd love to have some pipes made to extend from my tt's up and around my rear tire at 30' or so to which I could mount some proper (albeit short) mufflers. Any pipe builders in the community? I'm comfortable doing most mechanical work myself, but metal fabricator I'm not.

Other options?

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Sorry for the slow reply.

Yep, I re-jetted... I wouldn't go tinkering with my exhaust without the corresponding carb work.

Mounting mufflers isn't too much of an issue if I had the room to do it, but that requires that I bring the exhaust around and up the side of the rear tire - no room underneath. That's the bit where I'm deficient - as I said, welder I'm not. If someone around here fabricates exhausts, I'd happily send along a model and some cash to have some extensions bent.

Thanks for all the advice on Wisconsin - I've only been up here for six months and I work constantly, so actually I have no idea what's going on in the two wheeled scene. As for the commentary about finding a good group of loons - no doubt you're right, although the result, as snorkel can attest, is typically that I wind up building engines for random people when I ought to be workin on my own machine. :)

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