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one or two petcocks?

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ok, done laughing?

im going to setup my tank for petcock(s). i have the tanner tank. i think he gave me 2 places to mount up the petcocks. any reason why i should use 2, one on each side, or one single one with 2 outlets?

anyone got a place to buy em?

also, anyone got any 35mm fork tube clamps? proflos out.

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Joe, I ASSOOOOme this Tannermatic tank you speak of has a "saddle" that allows the tank to conform to the backbone of the frame and thus has two separate and distinct low spots, on either side of said "saddle", from which to draw fuel....Is this an accurate and safe assumption....

I was thinking that for the sake of more complete drainage and usage you want both sides to drain. And to a degree, redundancy, although it's hard to imagine one side getting clogged for some reason, but if you only have one side draining, that's all it would take.
My XL600 tank just has drains on each side that I tee into a single valve like the ones I guess it doesn't have a "petcock", just drains and a valve.

1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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