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one or two petcocks?

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ok, done laughing?

im going to setup my tank for petcock(s). i have the tanner tank. i think he gave me 2 places to mount up the petcocks. any reason why i should use 2, one on each side, or one single one with 2 outlets?

anyone got a place to buy em?

also, anyone got any 35mm fork tube clamps? proflos out.

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Typically on custom tanks I use a single fact I usually just install a barbed fitting...then run fuel line to a valve mounted on a tab somewhere, then to a filter and splitter to feed the carbs.
Like one of these from Dennis Kirk.

i just got the one in the middle for my 160 project off of some online m/c parts wholesaler. Like $16 plus shipping. Probably can find it for less if you look around.

Funny, all the places I looked sold the same selection in the pic above. Some little machine shop in Thailand has cornered the market on cheap aftermarket petcocks.

The middle one's for 1/4" fuel line, rated for engines less than 200cc. Wonder if it'll flow enough? My tank has a metal bung welded in but the frame's in the damn way so I'm going to run a nipple and mount the petcock inline (a la "the Branson Technique"). Easy enough to change out for a larger one I guess...JB, If you're running it inline (rather than screwed to the bottom of the tank) anyway, why not run a filter before the petcock?

Back on topic: 2 petcocks? I dunno. Maybe the tank was designed so you'd have a choice in which side to mount?

Honda go sideways!
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