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one or two petcocks?

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ok, done laughing?

im going to setup my tank for petcock(s). i have the tanner tank. i think he gave me 2 places to mount up the petcocks. any reason why i should use 2, one on each side, or one single one with 2 outlets?

anyone got a place to buy em?

also, anyone got any 35mm fork tube clamps? proflos out.

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i guess, i dont remember. but, im not too worried about running it out of gas. ive done that. more than once. so i always have tons of gas. ill buy the no reserve type. i think his tank is pretty flat in back.

is there any reason to use 2 petcocks, one for each carb? i cant think of any reason.

thats what ive been looking for. how do ya get the barb into the tank? im trying to think and cant remember how one would mount up. can i get a barb thats threaded? hmmm....

i have the alum plate he molds in. so i was gonna drill and tap that. then thread a petcock in. then you use a t-junction of sorts?

dennis kirk, here i come.


awesome, thanks guys.

1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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