I prefer not to put my location on the internet. I am about 2.5 hrs NE of Toronto. Pm me for more information.

I have some monsters that were bought through insurance auctions. These particular bikes were purchased because they were structurally sound and most of the damages were cosmetics. They can be returned to the road in Ontario with a standard safety certification. Sold as is with ownership.

The bikes can easily be exported to the US as well. Deduct about 25% from the price to get the US dollar equivalent.

2003 M600 (620)- approx. 56,000km. Small ripple in tank where the "U" is missing. Good brakes, chain, sprockets, Pirelli tires. I am not a mechanic, so it is only an opinion, but there is no obvious reason the bike won't pass safety.

The air box lid has been cut, it has a PC 3 and Remus exhaust. Runs well, clutch engages properly. It's a fun little Duc.

I have not changed the belts or checked the shims.

Asking $2500 Cdn but open minded. Sold close to the asking.
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2003 800- less than 30,000km. Lumps in tank and the left handle bar was broken and I had it welded. The bars and top triple are a Rizoma "cafe" kit. The replacement bar is $225 Cdn however it has been properly repaired and could be (has been) ridden as is.

Very low mileage Dunlop Q4, brakes, chain and sprockets. Runs great, sounds good.

Nothing outstanding, with the exception of needing mirrors that should keep it from passing safety, in my opinion.

I have not changed belts or checked shims.

Asking $3000 Cdn SOLD- Full price, first guy. Must have been to low.

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2003 1000S ie. Under 30,000km. Bars are bent and has a tank dent. The front wheel has a slight tweak. I have another wheel but it will need powder coating. Scuff on fairing, small crack in tail plastic.

Runs well, sounds nice. Fully adjustable Showa forks and Ohlins w/remote in the rear. Controls are intact, clutch lever replaced.

Changing the wheel, bars, tires and adding mirrors should make it roadworthy again.

Belts have not been changed or shims checked

$3500 Cdn. I think there is good value at that price.

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