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out with the old...

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in with the new

They are in the mail... Thanks for the heads up A.D.

J "Saftey First" D
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It's about time! The shitkickers will be missed, but your feet will thank you. :)
I've been busy working on my truck, so this weekend it's the bike's turn. It *should* be ready to fire right up. Think anyone will notice a race bike lapping the Eastern Prom? I need to suss out a muffler solution for NHIS and I'd like to get the conventional shifter rebuilt instead of learning GP just for the track. Worst case, I get it all shaken out during the Hawk school and have 3 days to sort it.
Shears worked well. I should have had a 4" cutoff wheel for the grinder instead of just a grind wheel, but I made do. Flares won't be on for another few days, since I got rained out Sunday. They've got a couple 'issues' but they'll look good when done, and more importantly do the job I needed done. 33's are on and look smokin. :) New gears are going in at the shop next week. ($$ ouch!)
The 33's are on the truck. No need to panic about the bike. (yet)
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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