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pancake grand prix

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the 2007 racing season is upon us so let's get ready for the 2nd annual pancake grand prix race series.

the pancake gp was started in 2006 as a match race between chris marshall and myself (tex mawby). the three race series at summit point during the wera sportsman round saw some interesting finishes. i got off to a great start recording the first victory as cmarsh retired due to a mechanical. cmarsh claimed the second round by default as i was attending a wedding that weekend. it all came down to the last round in september. as the flagged dropped, cmarsh took the hole shot and checked out, finishing first overall.

congrats go out to cmarsh who proved himself a truly honorable and humble victor. i was too hungover to actually get up and make pancakes, but luckily had handed over the trophy the night before and directed any interested parties to the location of pancake ingredients
and cooking utensils.

who will win the 2nd annual pancake g.p.?

the pancake g.p. is open to all cb350 honda riders running in the wera sportsman rounds at summit. plans to expand the series north are being considered with the board of governors.
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