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PDM60 & Power Distribution Modules

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Doing a rebuild and wanted to update the wiring a bit. I have read about some folks using the PDM60 from Rowe Electronics to completely regulate its power needs for the entire system.. headlight, turn signals, ignition, etc. Is this actually possible? Most of the info I've found on the PDM60 shows it's intended use are for add-ons like GPS and such. Very new to all of this but wasnt sure if this unit would handle just the basic needs. Thanks so much!
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The device hooks to your battery, meaning it runs off ~12 volts D.C.
That thing isn't going to regulate or rectify the power coming from your alternator. You realize that right?
It's a fancy circuit breaker and signal flasher.
... possibly the most expensive and complicated circuit breaker/signal flasher in existence.
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Yes I will be upgrading my regulator rectifier to a modern unit from what's on the bike, but using the PDM60 to replace the fuse box and distribute power for basic operations if that's possible. Also any tips on a good modern regulator/rectifier would be awesome if you guys know any.
For almost 300 bucks it better do basic operations! That would buy a lot of fuses and signal flashers.
kinda sucks that:
"Special Note: To program the PDM60, a Windows compabitle PC with .NET Framework 4 installed, is required."
For that kind of money you would think they could just put a knob on the little black box so you can change the signal flash rate without using a *** computer.

Do you know the output rating on your bikes alternator? You are looking for the ACG output (Alternating Current Generator) and it should be rated in watts. That tells you how much power your regulator/rectifier needs to handle and if the bike has a limitation on producing electrical power to charge your battery and keep everything running.
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Good to know and thanks for the r/r tip. I honestly wouldn't have gone this way but bought it new off a pal for $100 when he decided to go a different way. That and my wife is a computer programmer so the stars just lined up to try this thing out. Wish me luck!
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