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Phamous Phinney Race Report

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I didn't have much time to watch as many races at this event
due to mechanical dificulties. Here's what I have.

Beverly Contigency - Johnny was in 2nd place in Middle weight
until his motor shutoff. He came back the following day to take
a 3rd Formula 2, his first top three finish. Great job Boodwah.
Chuck finished 10th his new under developement Honda project,
should be really fast with some more time. Danny I believe is
the first ever pace-bike on his really fast and cool Guzzi.

South Boston Contigency - Mike 0. I believe took a 5th in 350gp
which had the largest grid of the day, but I didn't see it cause
I was too busy being frantic about soldiering a cable on my bike.
Joe is still warming up to the idea of going fast after having a
season high record of crashes at the last event.

Fisherman/Maine Contigency - Jd as usual rode smooth and fast
but after starting the race in nuetral and never changing the
valve springs since 1972 ended up with a 13th out of I believe
28 to start. Aaron failed miserably in Ultra Light Weight with
the newly built Honda but only raced the class to get the bike
in order for 200gp. The bike felt good but the throttle cable
broke at the checkered flag. After pushing the bike to the other
side of track and missing Mike and Joes race (350gp) I spent the
next 15 minutes trying to make a throttle cable. After trying to
get Tony to be cool and not freak out and to stop throwing tools,
we sent JD to stall the race and finished making the cable. The
race started but I managed to get the bike underway as the leaders
of the 200gp were coming out of turn 12. I managed to set a good
pace a pic off a 2 people and ended up with 4th place. On the
last lap Donelan and Lusk laped me but it was cool to chase them
down and see the end of a great battle from a first person view.
The amount of draft dodging at the end of the race was great but
made for an even more exciting finish in the 200gp. Tony ended up
with a 6th in the 500gp, coming in one spot in front of me with
Joe's borrowed Honda 350. Tony would have done much better but he
was pretty nerved up about me being in the same race. He came back
in Heavy Weight Super to take a 5th despite having elcetrical/clutch
problems this weekend.

High Lights for the weekend -
Parker took a 1st in 250gp
Strempfer's bike is broken.
Dylan took a 3rd in 500gp minus the fact he had no shift linkage.
Zach face planting on his bicycle.
Maine guys coming out to support us -
Matt, Eric, Anthony, and Jay L... thanks.
Strempfer's bike is none fixable for the rest of the season.
Chuck taking a lap around Loudon in a priceless Lotus only to
catch it on fire as he gets out. That movie will be posted with in a week or two.

Any mistakes in spelling or discrepencies with places... Too f'in bad.

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Edited by - aaron on Aug 05 2003 4:24:55 PM
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Yeah Tony's funny... you just don't normally hear him cause I'm always blah, blah, blahen. Did I have Mike O's position right?

oh yeah, you didn't think my race report was funny?
Hey Aaron,
Me thinks you should at some point should try to get some videos of the last lap or so of each race to go with the reports. Be a lot less typing, and pictures don't lie.
Also, if you keep snapping cables, check the routing of the cables, it only takes 1 too sharp an angle, and it makes for more stress then the cable can handle.
I don't keep braking cables, it was just that time.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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