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Philip island classic

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Heard JP43 crashed and broke his leg.

Here’s him in 2018...
Gets my blood pumping just watching...
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From Island Classic 2019 International Challenge | Yanks are coming! |

A large contingent of the American squad will be riding machines prepared by Mojo Yamaha, which is a motorcycle racing team focused on classic Yamahas with engine builder, Larry Cook, and chassis expert, Denis Curtis, the helm. Fans can find out more at

The engines are a mix of oversized FJ1100 four-strokes and TZ750 two-strokes, housed in frames produced by CMR Racing.
Mojo Yamaha
A line up of Mojo Yamaha machines on their way to the 2019 Island Classic

“Immediately following the 2018 International Challenge, the build and preparation of the bikes for 2019 got underway,” said Team America riding captain Dave Crussell. “The goal is to engineer the most reliable bikes while keeping them as close to identical in build as possible.

“For 2019, we have five CMR/FJs and two TZ750s. These Yamahas have proven to be the best possible fit for Mojo Yamaha and should offer the most competitive advantage in our quest to win the event.”

Island Classic 2019
International Challenge – Team USA

Wade Boyd – Moto Guzzi Le Mans – 1988
David Crussell – Yamaha TZ750 – 1978
Michael Gilbert – Yamaha FJ1100 – 1983
Jorge Guerrero – Suzuki XR69 – 1982
Joshua Hayes – Yamaha FJ – 1983
Bruce Lind – Yamaha TZ750 – 1975
Eric Lindauer – Kawasaki KZ – 1980
Barrett Long – Kawasaki Harris – 1982
Martin Morrison – Suzuki RGB500 MK7 – 1982
Larry Pegram – Yamaha FJ1100 – 1983
Joe Pethoud – Yamaha Harris F1 – 1984
Jason Pridmore – Yamaha FJ1200 – 1983
Dale Quarterley – Suzuki XR69 – 1984
Steve Rapp – Yamaha – CMR FJ 1100
Robert Ruwoldt – Harris Kawasaki – 1980
Rennie Scaysbrook – Suzuki GSX1100 XR69 – 1980
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your bike has a CMR frame, right?

Yeah, I'm slow with the news... Just came across this on a -24deg morning
this is all old news. ive been posting pics, clips, results etc. here-
So much win...
You have I'm lusting over sweet Superbike rides
I think you have to be his friend on facebook, but he posted the video of his crash.
And Tim Joyce had two 1st place and two 2nd place finishes there.
for those who can pull themselves away from the screw driver thread .
and the equally exciting valve thread, part 2-
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for those who can pull themselves away from the screw driver thread .
and the equally exciting valve thread, part 2-
I'm sure this post will gone by the weekend!!
Love watching the pretty tan girl and the blue skies when it's been snowing and freezing around here.

Damn the lean angles they are getting on those "old" bikes!

That crash was full on ugly! Glad both weren't more seriously hurt.' How Josh Hayes and the rider behind him avoided that accident while staying upright is unreal.
Love to see Hayes racing again... MA Superbike???

The Katana headshaking through the front straight and backing it in the corners. Who is that rider?

Thanks for the post!
the Katana’s are fast but shake all over the place, jed m on the Harris/Honda can move. that vincent is a pile after the endo. the CMR/Mojo/yamaha bikes look to handle nicely, but look down on power compared to the suzukis. i guess there was 2 tz750’s in the race. didnt see them much, maybe because they werent up front cause there slow. the carry andrew bike that DQ raced is like 80g.would have liked to see some more kawasaki’s . the B. Long bike looks great. Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Motor vehicle Car
..... Motorcycle racer Motor vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Motorcycling
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