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pics of new paint

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Here are my latest works. A CB550T tank and a dunstall style front fender for my CB550. This is my second build on my bike because I decided to ride into a tree. And I never got any good pictures of it. I modeled it after a 56' Triton I saw in clasic bike.

If anyone is interested in paint work contact me


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Nice job Brent! Cant wait to see the bike all together. Mines all apart now but it will be up and running by the spring, cant wait to rip around the dub-c with ya, if you'll ride with non british looking trash like my rig
Brent, where do you work?

-My other ride is your mom
dont they make hotdogs in hatfield?

-My other ride is your mom
I pissed on a car once... oh wait, that was supposed to be on the beer topic post, nevermind

-My other ride is your mom
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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