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Who here lives in/near Pittsburg? Could I bribe someone to pick up a bike for me? Its a small bike....
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Then the friday after I get back I fly to california with Jeremy for motogp, then the weekend I after that I race mid-o.

You are going to Laguna??? You bastard, I'll never have your love child now.

Why the heck would you want to go to Canada? Someone must be forcing you to go there.

I'm driving Sonja, Kirstein, and Matthias to Lake Nipiken so he can visit with his cousins. We got an RV and we are going to drive all around. We are going to Saratoga Springs, Hershey Park, then Hershey Highway, and then Niagra Falls.

I asked you if you wanted to go. You said "It will be Assen or nothing at all".

Track snob, thats what you are.

assen happened already. for anyone who would accidently see the results and not know it. hershey park! dude, me and tex will meet you there for the new hershey highway ride. why the hell are you comming all of the way down here?? or are you kidding. chris has been talking about moving back to canada alot lately. you sound like a busy busy boy. the gp race, i wonder what frank smith is doing with his ticket.....

now that was bad. but he would have done the same thing.

have a great time in canada. cant wait to see you guys again.

Are you really coming to Saratoga...or are you just trying to get me to break out the rubber suit for nothing?

Let me know when you'll be here, I'll make sure I'm out of town.

If you are going to be here, stop in the bar if you are here thu fri sat night...I'll get you drunk for free and you'll crash your RV, I'll laugh and desicrate your bodies before they are cold.
wow, thats an offer i wouldnt be able to refuse! i cant imagine aaron drunk behind the wheel of an rv.

Sorry Joe.....Dad doesn't have a ticket to the GP. He was hoping some person from the AMA would come through, but it doesn't matter now.

My Dad is awake and talking now. He doesn't speak too well because of all the sedatives so Mom keeps asking what? He finally asked her, "what are you fuckin' deaf??" Ahh now thats the old Dad I remember <img src=icon_smile_cool.gif border=0 align=middle>
attaboy frank!

welcome back!


p.s.- joe's busted!

(hit my quota of three exclamation points in this post)
Damn..that's excellent news!!
Tell Frank hello from all of us.

Guess I better get started on your CB160 exhaust system.....hope it wasn't supposed to be a surprise.
yeah, i got a snippet of the email to stan lippert from your mom. im glad to hear hes getting out of it. he should be a real handful! i can see it now.... tell him all the best from the crew in maryland. we're all hoping for a quick and throrough recovery. and like i offered before, if there is anything we can do, let us know.

damn, those would have been some kick ass tickets too.....

tell your mom hi from me. and im glad youre still lurking.

Me lurk?? Every damn day!! (or at least when the forum feels like working)

Thank you everyone for all the well wishes! We have saved everything to show him. I am sure if it was my fathers choice, he would still be going! Right before the sedation, Mom asked him what she should do with his plane tickets, and he said nothing yet.

Hey Johnny B....are you talking about the exhaust for my Giro bike?? I really hope so because it chugs on the hills!
Yep...before Frank's nap he asked me to make him a 2-1 exhaust system for your 160 Giro bike. I'm making one for mine too so I told him I go ahead an make two while I was at it.
Not sure how much faster it will be...but it will be louder, so it will sound faster:)...not too loud though.

That bike should go pretty good with you on it. Might need a tune up. Should hit 75-80mph if you are in a race tuck. Wear something tight...ohh...sorry I shouldn't have said that cause I'm an old guy.

And again...great to hear Frank is awake. He's too tough to let this get him down for long.
Yeah, Frank kicks ass. For an old guy... :)
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