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Please let the snow stop!!

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I desperately want to be beamed somewhere south with my vfr. Just for a day of fast riding. Im feeling a little bonkers with all this snow. Anybody else?

The bike breaker
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You guys need to put together a cheap "snow bike".

Seriuosly... a total surreal blast to be out ripping around in the snow.


It sure helps fight 'dem winter blues.....
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Here is something ya dont see too often. a cb500 "scrambler"! *laugh*

knobbies, no mufflers and a set of ATV handlebars made it right.
This is what I rode 3 winters ago.

It was awesome.
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Oh Hell Chikor... build 2.. they are cheap! *laugh*

I also ran a '76 Honda XL350. That was last winter.. it didn't do as
well due to needing motor work. I'd love to rebuild that motor and put it into a "cafe" style bike for road racing. I dream about the Powroll big bore kit for that motor.

This is Teddy ... he likes SL350s. In fact.. he is putting one together now for vintage racing. Mid-Ohio VMD will be the debut.

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Awesome info JC ... thanks.

I'll pass it along to my buddy...

Oh yea.. anyone here know anything about Toadtown Racing?

I think that was the name.
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