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Please let the snow stop!!

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I desperately want to be beamed somewhere south with my vfr. Just for a day of fast riding. Im feeling a little bonkers with all this snow. Anybody else?

The bike breaker
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one of those powroll big bore kits just went on ebay for 120 bucks. 12 over. i think.

i'll check to see if i have the guys link still. he had tons of them. if you ever want to go the seriously high compression performance pistons, there are alot of guys who make them and or have them available.

check it out

ebay item


i think he probably still has them. 115 bucks, a really good deal.


he also has a big bore kit available for the 450.

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Awesome info JC ... thanks.

I'll pass it along to my buddy...

Oh yea.. anyone here know anything about Toadtown Racing?

I think that was the name.
what do you want to know about toad town??? i dont know them or much about them, but if youre looking for some hotrod cb350 parts, i can probably get you better info than what you'll find on the web or maybe cheaper parts. im running a crank fired dyna iggy, with chris marshall 2/2 tuned megs. i think most everyone whos heard my pipes say they sound sweet and theyve smoothed the power from the old 2-1 i had. im running uscra p1 350 gp rules and wera 350 gp rules. so my motor is stock internally. pistons valves cam and carbies. i do have a 450 front drum with 750ss tubes and trees. stay away from m3. ive heard bad things about mark. (never actually delt with him though) i also know that ricepaddy sells some nice stainless cb "race pipes". the problem is that they are stainless. great for the street, but not great for the track since the weldability is questionable in the field sometimes. plus i dont know the dims of them, so they may not be tuned correctly. they are good people over there though. ive bought a few things from them. let me know what youre looking for and maybe i can point you in the right direction. there are alot of people running cb350/2 so there are alot of great resources out there. also look at the site. there is a 350 racebike faq page.

good luck with it and get some pics of it too!

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21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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