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Plug wires?

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i was just working on my 76 cb200 and the spark plug wire poped out of the boot. Both the boot and wire were with filled broken down insulation. I scraped a whole bunch of it out of both pieces and tried to put it back together. no supprise it didn't work. My question is can i cut the end of the wire and start with a new section or do I need a new wire?
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Here's a link. Look at the bottom half of the page. Any good motorcycle shop will have them, but they'll probably be expensive as hell.
My local napa used to be able to order them for me at $4 a pop. Consifering how expensive wires are I don't think this is a bad investment.

BTW, does the cb200 have coils with removable plug wires? some hondas do and some don't so be careful cutting the wires you have if they are not the replaceable kind.

You can always do the hot rod thing and when ever you have to do any work you upgrade the whole system:

I paid $120 for a coil and wire set for my 79 cb750F (two coils four plugs) at my local bike shop - you can probably find it cheaper if you shop around.

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