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pods and rejetting ?s on a 77 cb750

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hello all,

i'm interested in putting k and n type individual pod air filters on my bike. i know i've got to rejet the carbs etc. does anyone know of the size jets (main and slow) I should change to? or of a resource i could go to to teach myself?

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Joe, do you recomment larger Jets or the originals...?
Thanks Joe...
I put on velocity stacks and might go 2-1 headers and find some pipe that fits the header... thinking about trying to make them from scratch from ebay finds... cheap stock headers, cheap free flow muffler, have my buddy weld it all together... it'll look like crap, but it's cheap.. we'll see how it runs...

anyway... the screened velocity stacks look sharp, but I had to put the side covers back on otherwise it sputtered at about 45 mph... with the covers on... it's good to 60... so I figure it's a little lean...
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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