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pods and rejetting ?s on a 77 cb750

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hello all,

i'm interested in putting k and n type individual pod air filters on my bike. i know i've got to rejet the carbs etc. does anyone know of the size jets (main and slow) I should change to? or of a resource i could go to to teach myself?

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Hello All. I have put a pod type
air filter on my '69 CB350 and it runs very lean. I have sourced some slightly bigger jets from Honda (pilot, primary and secondary main) Also a Keyster rebuild kit (Has anyone tried these?)The trouble is finding an alternate needle to the stock as it is not adjustable. It is fit with a pressed on keeper and I dont believe there is any room to shim it. Has anyone encountered this? Can I Jet with bigger mains and leave the needle? All I wan't is a streetbike to tool around on.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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