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Geeto is correct you can change the timing but you sacrafice one end or the other.It has to do with valve timing ,compression ratios .Stock is compromises (NOT A BAD THING AT ALL) for OVERALL performance underline OVERALL.
Now if you have seen some one at the red light that cant keep their engine idling but has to keep reving it then it goes like stink once the cams kick in you know some one is driving a perpose built car and not a street car, or bike for that matter.

Stock is where its at for everyday driving hot cold empty road ,traffic bound road and stop light idle without the police looking at you sideways.

When you start making it faster its a compromise in either low .mid. or top end.This makes it not traffic or idle friendly ,also makes it slower in some power bands then stock and faster in the intended power band that it s parts were chosen for.

So all any one has to understand is stock isnt so bad its good very good.Lighten your bike add better shocks better tires better brakes so you can use all the stock engine has to offer is the performance edge you need to look at (not you personally but any one looking for FASTER)

Later fuel injection computer controled bikes a new chip will get you there.But old school bikes .Lighten(taking off weight and up grade stock suspension,chain ,wheels, tires, shocks,keeping stock specs optomium, add upgrade to electronic ignition would keep you from watching points and provide long life optimum ignition.
Change oil often,put good gas and additives to keep carbon build up down, just normal old school tricks, keep things well oiled and lubed should be pretty fast using every available existing horse power the factory gave you.

Now as lame and as unexciting as that sounds it has proven to be the winner everyday all the time.And thats exciting!!!

Im so far behind ,that I think Im in first.
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