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Some of you may know this so it's for those who don't

So you want to add pictures & animated gifs to your posts.

This is how I do it.

If you have pictures you have taken, downloaded on your computer.

First you must get them uploaded onto a website. I use Photobucket, it is free & hosts around 300 pics

Or if you want to post a pic you have seen on the can do this. First you should save it to your desktop then upload it to photobucket.

The reason for this is that some pic's (Not all) on the web are protected & you can't link it directly from it's site.

Then use this method of adding them to your post.

I always use this method when adding pics from photobucket.

But remember. if you delete pics from your Photobucket, They will dissapear from your post. It's very frustrating when you go back to olders posts for photo's and all you see is red X's because the original poster has deleted them from their accounts..!!!

So lets start posting & saving more pictures.

Hope this helps.


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This proves once again that I am an absolute moron. It's so bad, it's actually funny. I'm going to go draw with my crayons now.

BTW, that's my son after winning the Rochester 1/2 mile Vintage Am race a couple years ago.

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