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powder coating vs painting race frames

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i just got my frame back from the sand blaster and its going in to get welded up and braced. anyone have any opinions on powder coating vs painting a race frame?? i wanted to powder coat, but was told its not so great becasue of its hardness and when it comes time to grind, weld, repair etc....its a real bitch to get it off and retouch it. but i like the toughness of it. i can also paint myself. i do prefer the powder coating though.

anyone?? anyone??

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Safe rules of thumb
Race Bike..... Paint
Show bike..... Chrome
Regular Bike...Powercoat
Chopper........All kinds of diffrent paint
Rat Bike.......Rust and Grease
The secret to painting is in the prep work. It's gotta be clean, and oil free. Another tip,if you have used any kind of silicone spray in the same building in the last month or so, don't bother painting, that stuff stays in the air forever.
Not a problem, it gives the finish that "stucco" look
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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