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Prepping a cl175 for ahrma this summer.

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Hi all. I'm a new member to the forum, but have been finding tons of great info so far.
I started with a running '72 cl175 that I've been pushing around my garage for the last 10 years. Finally last year I couldn't look at the brush strokes on the gas tank and 40 year old tires - so I decided to sell it. I cleaned it up a bit, put a rustoleum paint job on the tank and side panels, new battery, cheapish Shinko tires, new fork seals and 15W oil and probably some other things - And it ran pretty good.
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Now how could I sell this to some hipster?

What I've since done to it:
Removed lights, pegs etc. and wiring harness
Clip ons from an FZR400 - these needed some help to make them work.
Rearsets from a FZR600
310mm redwing shocks
New RK chain and JT sprockets
Bridgestone BT39ss tires - I had to get an earlier cl175 1.6" rear rim for this.
New brake/ clutch levers
New clutch fibers

I'm planning on keeping the motor stock for now, points and all, just focus on getting it and myself around the track in one piece.
I'm still trying to figure a few things out though.
Brakes - it still has the original pads. Is there a better alternative?
Valve springs - Stock ones ok? What rpm before valve float? After point float?
Gearing - I have -17/35 sprockets - does this sound right?

Any other members in the Chicago area?
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Funny.... just saw this tooling around the web.... I have no idea why I never followed up on it
The bike has about 14 races and several track days under its belt.
In the end, the build looked something like this:
KPMI valves, guides and what I think are sv650 springs with titanium caps.
.75 over stock pistons
Dyna-S ignition
Redwing rear shocks,stock front end with 20wt oil.
fzr600 rearsets
Something else’s clip ons plus spacers machined because they’re for bigger fork tubes.
Still stock carbs.
stock exhaust with a hollowed out muffler.
This year I’m upping the ante a little with a cb160 brake and re-lined truck compound shoes.
Steel cam tensioner wheel
Megacycle cam
Gpz305 forks with cb350f springs (possibly emulators if budget allows)
And freshly rebuilt top end.
new rings... just since I had it apart.
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And a stainless steel 2-1 exhaust.
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