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Proposition for Help with RD350 Road Racer

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I'm looking for someone in/near Baltimore, MD (100 miles?) to get my RD350 engine ready for the 2021 season. I know it will need carb work/parts. Hopefully just a hone. Maybe new heads?

I had a mild seize in the carousel at Mid-Ohio last year on it. Pulled clutch immediately and limped to pits. By the end of the day the engine seemed to turn fine. I haven't tried to start it since.

I'm cash poor at the moment but can offer a titled, running 2000 VW Jetta GLS 2L non-turbo. It won't pass inspection as-is, but shouldn't need much to do so. It has over $750 in new parts within the last 1000 miles. I can drive it to you when I drop off the bike. I can drop both off within the next month and figure I won't need the bike back until March/April.

If interested, email me and I can send you the list of good/bad/ugly with the car.

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I'm cash poor at the moment but can offer a titled, of
im not going to fix your bike.... but - are you looking to do just vmd next year or other rounds rounds too. if i can remember this years vmd schedule , v3 and 5 were grided together and 4 and 6lw. ......... i have that kz650/700 v5 bike you can use. might not be able toget it in any other classes at vmd but at some of the the regional rounds where i was the only one in v4 and v6lw. i cant see anybody objecting. 4 stroke buddy, gas and go with no headaches.
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and ill be at nelson this weekend, bring your gear and # plates.
missed out, it runs strong.
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How'd the other bike run?????
it didnt, i believe the engine gave up
The choice of color looks great.
how i bought it. everybody knows my race bikes look crap.
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